Make Your Bathroom Shine!

When was the last time your bathroom saw a bit of sparkle?

…By this we don’t just mean with the spray cleaner!

As interior designers, we are often called upon to do a complete overhaul of our clients’ bathrooms. And they are sometimes quite surprised to find that we start in an unexpected place.

The light fittings. In other words, we turn our spotlights, to your bathroom spots lighting! – Badkamer spotjes, inbouw spots LED and all other manner of LED fittings are usually our first port of call, when it comes to shining a light on your badkamer LED spots.

Or the lack of them. Because all too often, we can find that our clients in actual fact have quite beautifully up to date interior bathroom suites. But there is one key area where they have been neglected.

The light fittings. Or, as it often is, the light fitting. Since in most homes, we find that the bathroom only has one light point.

And if this is the case for you, then this is the first thing that our interior designers will look to change.

To create a truly ambient and relaxing environment for you to bathe in, do you really only want the one light to come from an overhead bulb?

For the best approach, you want a layered lighting look in your bathroom and this means – in our considered opinion – utilising the best in badkamer LED inbouwspots that you can find on the market.

Inbouwspots LED work to build a gentle and gradual light, by placing them at varying levels in the bathroom.

What you absolutely do not want to do is to put your badkamer LED spots – or indeed any lighting – directly above where the mirror is. This will just accentuate anything like dark circles and other unflattering features.

Instead, try and place the inbouw spots LED at either side of the mirror, at an even interval. This is so that a gentle, but even light falls on your face as you stand in front of the dreaded bathroom mirror, first thing in the morning!

Inbouwspotjes LED and other LED lights can also be positioned around the mirror itself. This gives a decorative effect, but also shines a light on your bathroom ablutions, without casting a dark shadow over them.

However the mirror is not the only place in the bathroom for lighting.

Have you ever thought about illuminating the area around the bath itself?

The good thing about LED built-in spots – or any type of LED – is that these can be battery operated quite easily and because of their low energy consumption, can be placed in unlikely spots.

Like the loo bowl itself, for example!

Yes, you can surprise your guests, your family and probably even occasionally yourself, with a toilet bowl that changes colour and sometimes even flashes!

Not all LED spots inbouwspotjes need to be battery operated of course.

Most of these will be wired into the mains electricity. But please, get a qualified electrician to do this essential job.

You might not know it, but for reasons of electrical safety, your bathroom is divided into separate “zones” which dictate exactly how far away the nearest light fitting might be.

For some, much smaller bathrooms, it is possible that they all fall within the most “dangerous” zone. This means any lighting fitted there must be of exactly the right type and positioned a certain number of feet away from any splashes and steam that might occur within the room.

But do not worry. This does not mean that you still can’t have a halo of beautiful bathroom lights in even the most modest of washrooms.

You will just need to ensure that the correct procedure is followed to allow you to shave and bathe, in both clarity and serenity!